Lose Over 6 kg in 21 Hours! Just burn 47,000 calories or Do What I Did

Lose Over 6 kg in 21 Hours! Burn 47,000 calories or Do What I Did

Before & After, Transformation, Progress Photos, Motivation Monday, All new fat burning pill, workout, shake, food, etc.! The images are everywhere, but the question arises, “how legit are these results?” Generally whenever a new fitness program is kicked around the market place you will see amazing before and after photos showing the progress these people made. Now let me first offer my disclaimer: “I am by NO MEANS discrediting the results people have gotten through good old fashioned hard work, effort and proper nutrition.“ I am however trying to shed a little light on how quickly and easily the body composition can change if we are not aware of the food combinations as well as the biochemistry of the body based on certain physiological states. So with that being said, I decided to conduct my own experiment to create some “shocking” AFTER & BEFORE pictures. Yes that is correct I did this process in reverse because it’s much easier to “gain weight” after your body is in a low sodium low carbohydrate state. Let’s first look at “weight loss “and “weight gain.”

The Illusion of “Weight Loss”


Most dieters and people who start a workout routine are more often in the “weight loss “category. I continue to put the term “weight loss” in quotes because this goal is a fabrication, a unicorn if you will. Nothing more than an illusion. The “weight “on a scale can fluctuate dramatically on a daily or even hourly basis, especially if you are unaware of the food combinations and current state of the body as I mentioned previously. So if your only measure of success for your new fitness goal is the number on a scale, then you will never achieve it, because it is simply too dynamic. There is no solid constant to determine your goal!

Let’s say you weighed 100 kg and have 25% body fat that means you have roughly 20kgs of fat you can safely eliminate (given the 3%-5% that is necessary for the body to maintain). Now let’s suppose you lost 10kgs over the course of a “diet”, and when you re-assed your body fat you found out that you were still 25%. This means you actually gained 2.5kgs of body fat and are worse off than you were when you started, even though the scale shows a “weight loss.” So when most people say they want to “lose weight” what they really want to do is lose body fat, and maintain existing muscle mass.

There are a number of ways to track your body fat percentage and check to ensure your moving in the right direction for your goals, I won’t go into the details of those methods here but in short, you should be monitoring your basic body measurements like girth of your waist, neck, hips, arms and legs, as well as tracking body fat, lastly tracking your level of activity in whatever fitness outlet you chose to embark on. So if it’s jogging you should see an increase in your cardiovascular fitness, if it’s weight lifting you should be getting stronger, if its body weight exercises, you should be able to do more reps with less breaks, etc. Then lastly you can add the “weight “on the scale to put the total picture in perspective. Even the mirror can mislead us, if we are once again unfamiliar with body composition changes.

The Illusion of “Weight Gain”

On the flipside of “weight loss” Is “weight gain” this unicorn is no different, it’s another illusion but this one seems to be far more sinister. If you are unaware that the “weight gain “could just be from bloating/water retention and not true “fat gain” then you can become emotionally and mentally affected, which then can derail you from your previous progress and healthy fitness lifestyle you committed to. Nothing can be more damaging and scarring than working your hardest to only see negative results. This happens far more often than not, where 6-8 weeks into a new routine suddenly the weight comes back on, which could be artificial or it could be related to something like the following example:

Typical “weight loss scenario”

Joe decides he wants to go on a diet because he has an event coming up in 12 weeks and he wants to look his best. So he starts exercising and dieting, the scale starts to move in positive direction so he’s happy with this and decides to push a little harder. Add in some extra cardio and cut back a few more calories. Suddenly the number on the scale stops and he is at a plateau, 2 weeks, 3 weeks still no change. So naturally Joe decides to up the ante once more, some more cardio and even stronger calorie deficit. Now to his astonishment the scale starts to going in the opposite direction. He’s gaining weight, which makes him take more drastic measure, more exercise and further calorie restriction, the cycle continues until he has nothing left to cut and no additional hours in the day to exercise. Exhausted and defeated he gives up and stops doing both, and the weight piles on. In this scenario Joe put his body in such a caloric deficit that it was impossible to continue to progress and the body resulted to what it knows best, store, store, store. The brain was signaling that the calories in, couldn’t justify the calories out and if it continued in that rate the body would start to break down. So in a cry for help and self preservation the body signals the storage of all incoming food and slows down the rate of calorie burn for the level of activities. The result is the body adapts to the additional load of activity and becomes more efficient and burns less calories to do the same work.

So how do you stop this downward spiral? Once again it comes down to understanding your body. Start by learning the amount of calories you need on a daily basis and start understanding how many you’re burning. Believe it or not there is a “sweet spot” for weight loss and weight gain and each person is different. You need to determine what works for you and get away from the fad diets and “quick fixes.” In not saying calorie counting and breaking out food scales is the answer, but you need to start analyzing how much or how little food you are consuming, and start looking at your metabolic physiological responses to these foods.

The Fit 2 Fat After and Before Experiment

So now that we have the “weight “unicorn under wraps, let’s look at the test I conducted and how it would be impossible to “lose or gain” that amount of fat in such a short amount of time. By putting my body in a low carbohydrate / glycogen depleted state, and increasing my water intake daily on the days prior, I was able to weigh in at 79.4 kgs at 8 am Saturday Morning. Before I started the official water shred I weighed in at 81.8 kgs at 3 pm Saturday afternoon. So by Sunday at noon only 21 hours later I had dropped 6.2 kgs, if this was true and actual “fat” loss then this means I somehow managed to burn 47,5480.45  calories in 21 hours. This number comes from the 3500 calories per 1 pound of fat association. So to put that in perspective I would have, had to run for those 21 hours at a pace of 25.7 km/h, in which I would have covered 540 km total. In other words I would have ran to Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville  2.4 times!! Obviously that didn’t happen, nor is it possible. So we know that the weight loss was nothing more than water. Next I was able to sky rocket my weight from 75.6 kgs at noon all the way up to 81.5 kgs by 7 pm. In less than 7 hours I was able to “gain” 5.9 kgs. Again if this was true and factual “fat gain” I will have had to consume 45,430 CALORIES IN LESS THAN 7 HOURS!! I don’t think I need to explain how impossible that is, but again a little perspective always helps, this is equal to 46.72 kgs of chicken breast, or 27.2kg of avocados (good luck veggie friends), or 49 Carl’s Jr Superstar burgers with cheese, or 41 Double Whopper with Bacon Cheese from Burger King, or lastly 160 slices of a meat lovers pizza from Domino’s or Pizza Hut. So again I reiterate, that the scale and mirror are not the best means of gauging one’s physical fitness if you don’t first seek to understand your body and its responses.



Saturday 8AM (June 17, 2017)

  • Start
  • Start

Saturday 3PM (June 17, 2017)


Gain 2.4kg

7 hours

Sunday – Noon (June 18, 2017)


Loss 6.2kg

21 Hours

Sunday 7PM (June 18, 2017) 81.5kg Gain 5.9kg

7 Hours


For a behind the scenes look at the process and to get more details and validate authenticity of my claims (I know you’re out there Nay-Sayers 🙂  you can check out my video:

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