Band-Aided Abs

Resistance Training isn’t just for upper and lower body

We all want to feel great, stay healthy, build muscle and stay lean. Most of us also want to keep our midsection in check. Most people who are looking to reduce bodyfat and get in shape look at their stomach to see if they are making progress.

However doing endless amounts of abdominal exercises will have literally no affect on your progress to trim your waistline. Spot reducing has been proven to be a myth a long time ago. Just because you work a body part hard in the gym with endless amounts of reps does not mean fat will fall off and improve the looks of that body part. It simply just won’t happen. Your overall nutritional intake will determine how lean you will become and how your body will look.

That being said, proper exercise is a critical component to improve overall health, performance and aesthetics. In order to have a strong core and build a little muscle, you need to work the rectus abdominus regularly. Just like any muscle group, once you remove the fat, you want the muscles to pop. By using weight during abdominal exercises, you will increase muscle and improve its appearance. Not to mention, getting a stronger abdominal area will help you during your lifts and other athletic events.

Some of my favorite “Band-Aided
” Ab exercises. Mountain climbers, Twisting pistons, Crunches, Heel touches, Pallof press with rotation. Planks and anti-rotation moves, such as the Pallof press, are valuable as they strengthen the deep interior abdominal muscles responsible for trunk support.


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