6 mistakes that cause you to fail at fat loss


1.) Not holding yourself truly accountable.

What will make this scenario different from previous attempts.  Are you setting a goal for yourself or your children, or make a reward system in which you only get to go out on Friday night or watch your favorite TV show if you did “x” number of workouts that week.  Or even if its related to an event such as a wedding, holiday or reunion, set the time frame and the goal and use every bit of fortitude and mental strength to stay on course

2.) Not matching your lifestyle and personality to your “diet”.

We know that fat loss will inherently revolve around our nutrition and  what / when we eat. We know we cant out train a bad diet and we know that proper nutrition will help fuel our workouts.  However that being said whats equally important is our lifestyle habits and personality.  For example if you are a grazer, meaning you eat frequent small meals throughout the day and never really have an big meals but get all your calories from 6+ small meals or snacks throughout the day then there is no way you could switch to an intermittent fasting style behavior which will force you into a small eating window.  On the flip side if you are use to eating only 1 or 2 big meals a day and you don’t graze or snack, trying to eat more frequently could have an adverse effect and cause weight gain.  Lastly if you know you’re not a morning person dont start a New Year’s Resolution to start working out at 5am everyday. Be Honest, Be Realistic!

3. Not paying attention to hydration.

If fat loss and overall health is your goal then being properly hydrated is extremely important.  On average 75% of the population is in a dehydrated / semi-dehydrated state for the majority of the day.  The quickest and easy way to get ahead of the power curve and stay properly hydrated is to drink 1 liter (32oz) first thing in the morning. Its extremely hard to play catch up if you miss this opportunity first thing in the morning. Also morning hydration helps refuel the body from the work and lack of water intake that took place while you were sleeping. Even a small dip in hydration can cause fatigue, brain fog, muscle cramps, additional soreness and slow down recovery due to blood flow. Get into this habit of drinking water first thing in the morning and you will start to see it pay off in all areas of your fit life journey.

4.)  Not including weight / resistance training in your program

To put it plain and simple you will not reach your fitness goals without some body re-composition. This means you will need to burn fat and build lean muscle mass, which will thereby increase your BMR and help burn more calories throughout the day and further fuel the fat loss that your looking for.  We know that 2 people weighing the same on the scale and being the same height can look drastically different based on the amount of lean muscle mass and body fat they have.  At the end of the day when most people say they want to “lose weight”, they really want to lose fat and build muscle and this can mean the “weight” on the scale stays the same, but they will look and feel much better.  Without resistance training or weight training you are missing a primary ingredient in your fit life casserole.


5.) Eating too many “healthy foods”


This may sound like an oxymoron but hear me out on this one. There are plenty of healthy foods on the market when you start looking at vegan, raw vegan, non GMO, organic, blah blah blah foods.  However, just because coconut oil is better for you than margarine, and flax seed and oats is better than white toast and jam doesn’t mean that you can just load your plate up with as much of the healthy stuff as you want. We have already covered the fact that fat loss will depend on your body being in a hypo-caloric state.   So this will depend on your body burning more calories than you are in-taking either through food, exercise or combination of both. Fats are twice as calorically dense as carbohydrates or proteins,  so dont confuse “healthy foods” for “fat loss slimming foods”.  An organic kale and romaine salad, with fresh avocado, olive oil, sesame seeds, flax seed, and almonds might sound healthy  but can easily put you over your daily calorie limit for fat loss.

6.) Making this time “look like” the last time.

This means that if you decide to break out the same gym shoes you got last year, or same workout gear, video, program etc, the minute you miss a workout or fall off your meal plan your mental state will revert back to the idea of “here we go again”.  You need to “plan to fail”, meaning you know the reasons and set backs you faced previously, so this time around you find a way to overcome them.  If you didn’t have a gym routine and you previously just showed up and hoped for the best, get a routine this time around. If you tried to be a morning workout person and it didn’t work, then schedule your workouts at a more convenient time. Find an accountability partner, create a Facebook group, try a fitness challenge.  The point is mix it up this time around and make it more sustainable, fun, and enjoyable and the results will come!

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