The flip-side of weight loss – Healthy Weight Gain Transformation, the untold story

Weight loss transformations and people losing body fat are often shown as the most typical form of motivation for someone getting into fitness. These transformations require an insane amount of dedication and perseverance to achieve and are rightly put in the forefront to show people what can be done, however, going the other way, and gaining weightbuilding muscle and putting on size to a smaller frame can also be equally as impressive, if not even more so especially for women.

Whatever you wish to call it, ‘skinny to fit‘, ‘thin to muscular‘, ‘anorexic to healthy‘fragile to fantastic’, ‘bony to bombshell’  they all show an equal amount of determination and dedication to a fitness lifestyle.  More so they show a mental fortitude that was willing to change and take the challenge. Maybe you’re a women who struggles /struggled with anorexia or other eating disorders, but seek to overcome these issues and become stronger in body and mind, by gaining weight and muscle and becoming healthier in the process. Or maybe you  might be a naturally skinny women, who wants to add some muscle onto your body through a proper nutrition plan and fitness regiment. Or lastly maybe you might have whats considered by society to be a “normal body”, at a “normal weight”, but instead of slimming down, you want to change your body composition by adding more muscle and loosing body fat to change how you look in the mirror and how you feel physically and emotionally.

All of these weight gaining transformations goals are motivational and inspirational and can inspire anyone who has a fitness goal, to see that anything is possible and that even with problems related to eating and health, anyone can overcome them and get a fit and amazing body if they desire it.

If any of the above categories affect you and you want to get tips and help to increase your personal perception of yourself, gain confidence, strength and extra muscles /weight, then please like or share this post and subscribe for more additional related content.  This will be the first on a series of post specifically surrounding information to help women transform from Skinny & Shy to Strong and Confident.  Be sure to share and subscribe so you don’t miss anything!


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