Should Skinny Women Lift Weights? Part 1 of 3 – Appearance

Should Women Lift Weights? part 1 of 3


Not just Yes but and overwhelming, over enthusiastic HELL YEAH!  You were designed to lift. So if you’ve been wondering if women—especially naturally thin women—should be lifting weights, then the answer is an emphatic yes. There are exceptions, of course. Pregnant women need to take special precautions, for example. Always to talk to your doctor first before beginning any workout or nutrition program.

So you should be lifting weights. But why?

If you’ve ever been curious about the benefits of lifting weights, and if it’ll help you reach your goals, then this is the article for you.  We cover 3 main areas: attractiveness,  attractivenesshealth, and lifestyle, and we’ll break things down a bit further. And if the little lawyer in your head is already coming up with objections, don’t worry—we’ll respond to those extremely common fears too. You know, the ones about being scared of becoming too bulky or not knowing what to do in the gym. Or how to deal with being too tired/busy/lazy.

Below we’ll cover how lifting can improve your appearance, health, and life enjoyment. Keep in mind that some of the reasons will span across a couple of them. For example, building muscle will will make you curvier and more attractive, but it does that because building muscle is very healthy, and we find healthy bodies the most attractive. So it’s technically both an improvement to your appearance and your health!


Improve Your Attractiveness By Lifting Weights

Build New Muscle For Ultra-Feminine Curves

Many women think muscle is a man thing—that if they build up their muscles, they’ll look like a man. And while it’s true that men will usually have more muscle than women, in your case, by building up a decent amount of muscle, you’ll look more feminine.

Women have a different hormone makeup than men, so the way your muscles look when they grow is different as well. Women have different fat storage patterns than men, so the fat generally goes to their hips and breasts. Their bony structure (the foundation that the muscles attach to) is different. And women have different desires for their body shape. These are just a few reasons why women who build up their muscles will have a body shape that looks radically different from a man.

images (2)

What you do during your workouts is a big part of this. The more work you put into a certain exercise, the more your body will strengthen and grow that certain place. Men have a drive for upper-body strength, so they feel a magnetic pull towards exercises like the bench press, rows, and bicep curls. However, you might notice that you want to do more lower-body exercises that build up the glutes and hamstrings to round out your hips. You might realize that you’re really good at those exercises too! Women have a lower centre of gravity, proportionally longer legs, and the ability to bear children. Your hips are far more capable than a man’s, and this is especially true in the gym.

You can build up every area to be stronger, and in each case it will make you look and feel better. Stronger shoulders, for example, make your waist seem even narrower by comparison, giving you that top half of the hourglass shape.

So if you’re looking for a good workout program, don’t grab one for men. It will have you doing lots of chest/back/arm work, and exercises to make your waist bigger and thicker (e.g. crunches). You’ll want to grab a program specifically designed for women, that puts the emphasis on lower-body growth through exercises like glute bridges, goblet squats, dumbbell sumo deadlifts, etc.  You will still do wholesome full-body training to help your body feel and look balanced, but there is a focus on the hips.

Focus on Fat Loss Instead of Weight Loss


The majority of women want to lose “weight” and just care about getting smaller. They might already have a fair amount of muscle, but it’s all covered by fat. So they need to chisel the fat away to let the muscle create their body-shape. If they lose a little bit (or a lot) of muscle, they don’t really care. But there’s a difference between fat and muscle.

Since you’re on this site, we know you’re looking to build up more shape, and are likely ready to gain weight. You might be the really skinny type with minimal fat who wants to lift weights to build muscle, and that’s great, and in this case, you can move onto the next section since you don’t need to burn any fat.

But there’s a chance you might want to build up curves and an even more feminine-looking body shape through building muscle, yet you might still have a few pounds of fat you wish weren’t there. You don’t want to get smaller by losing weight (fat and muscle loss); you just want to get more toned (fat loss) while getting bigger in certain areas (glutes, for example).

If you just wanted to lose “weight,” you could get into a calorie deficit by eating less or moving more (or both). You’d lose both fat and muscle that way. But not only would you lose your muscular curves, you’d also lose a lot of strength.

But if you get into a calorie deficit while lifting weights (along with an adequate amount of protein, sleep, etc.) then you can hold onto almost all of your curvy muscle/strength while burning only fat. This is how you’d get leaner, not smaller, and maintain your muscular curves.

Develop Better-Looking Posture


We all want to stand tall, and people often use cues in their heads. Cues like, “shoulders back, chin down.”  You can’t just will yourself to stand with “better” posture, and at worst, could lead to chronic pain.

You need to strengthen the muscles that will hold your posture together, and to do this you need to do the right warm-ups to help get those muscles into a more neutral and natural position. Not only is this natural looking posture the best looking, but it helps to put your muscles in the right positions for moving and lifting things. Then you need heavy lifting to help strengthen that position. You could think of improving your posture like moulding clay and then putting it in the fire to strengthen it.

But if you want better-looking posture—where you stand tall like you’re active, confident and healthy—you’ll need to spend a bit of time actually being active. Following a weightlifting program that is developed with your posture in mind is the most efficient way to help with that.

Stick around for the next part where we cover the next benefit of weight lifting as it pertains to health.  As always if you like the information and content and find it useful to yourself or anyone else please follow, like, subscribe, share or just let us know somehow that we are being helpful.  It really means a lot to know that people’s are changing for the better because of something you did.  Lets grow together, “each one reach one, each one teach one.”

As always if you like the information and content and find it useful to yourself or anyone else please follow, like, subscribe, share or just let us know somehow that we are being helpful.  It really means a lot to know that people’s are changing for the better because of something you did.  Lets grow together, “each one reach one, each one teach one.”

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