Should “Skinny” women lift weights – Part 3 of 3 – LIFESTYLE


Enjoy Life More By Lifting Weights

Confidence & Independence


Getting strong means you can haul more groceries to your home. It means you can lift your heavy luggage at the airport. Or throwing heavy bags into the car. It always puts a smile on my face to see my girlfriend help other women or older people (male and female) by lifting heavy things into their car and see the look of surprise on their faces. Being strong is a huge confidence boost, you can do whatever you put your mind to.

There are even studies confirming this, such as this one, where 60 females lifted weights twice a week and significantly improved their emotional well-being compared to those who didn’t exercise.

If you feel like life is tiring, doing some weightlifting 3x a week is difficult in the moment—yes, but I find it makes daily living feel so much easier in comparison. Running errands, moving furniture, carrying bags, lugging your bag around the market, running up the stairs—those things become super easy.

It’s Fun, Relieves Stress, and May Help With Anxiety


Weightlifting can be tiring the first few weeks. But after you adapt, it becomes an incredibly fun activity because of it’s progression. You can continually compete against yourself, improving how much you can lift, how many times you can lift it, how good your form is, how round you can build your butt, how athletic and nimble you can become, and on and on.

If you struggle a bit with anxiety and stress, weightlifting and some cardio might help with mental improvements such as helping with anxiety, depression, and overall mental health (studystudy, meta-analysis). There still needs to be more research done in this area, but some of the studies are showing promising results.

Objections: I’m Scared of Lifting Weights Because…

I’m afraid of becoming bulky


Building muscle is hard work! Unless you’re naturally very muscular, it might take 10+ years of hard and intense training, and possibly pharmaceutical help, to reach the size you consider bulky in your head. If you are naturally thin, then even then, you are less likely to look bulky and more likely to look like fit, healthy and active.

To continue to build size, you’ll need to progressively get stronger and stronger. You’ll need to keep lifting heavier weights, lift those weights for more reps, lift them for more sets, lift them with more frequency, etc. So it’ll take you years and years of hard work to get to “too bulky.” Worst case scenario, you get a muscle to a size that you’re happy with and you just stop making it stronger. Actually, that’s the best case scenario.

I don’t want to go to the gym

We hear this a lot from people who are afraid of being stared at in the gym, or who feel embarrassed about not knowing what to do.

Most people are minding their own business in the gym. They’re there for a reason—to lift weights and go home. And if you are worried about being inexperienced, contact us and we can get you some help with an at home program that will help you learn how to begin from the very start, with simpler variations that are easier to master (and safer and more effective for a beginner).

If you don’t like the gym because it’s not practical, or you have a bad experience with creeps hanging around you, waiting times, or you’re grossed out about the germs, you can work out perfectly well at home. You don’t need anything fancy, just a set of resistance bands is all you need to get amazing results.

I’m too tired or busy

exercise before your mind figures it out.jpg

This really comes down to priorities. We all have the same amount of hours in the day and a finite amount of energy. Some people choose to prioritize a thriving career or business; some people choose a social life instead—whatever it is.

There are noble reasons for being too busy or tired. We know people taking care of sick relatives, people who are raising kids, and people who need to work 2 or more jobs to make ends meet. We’d make the argument that these people will burn out eventually if they don’t take care of themselves, but we know for some, it is impossibly difficult to find 3 hours a week to lift.

But we also know that the average person in the US is watching 2.8 hours of TV per day (article). So there is time. The problem is energy. Most people choose watching TV over exercise because they’re tired. If you’re too tired, it might be time to evaluate your sleep, nutrition, and exercise habits. It’s counterintuitive, but exercise is an activity that will pay you back with more energy. The energy you put into it, you get back—plus more.

Another thing to try is to lift weights when you wake up. It becomes the first thing you do, making it less likely that you’ll run out of time or energy before getting around to it.  Working out at home can help too. No travel time. There are lots of solutions. Don’t let this be your hang-up!

I don’t want to get injured


Weightlifting is one of the safest physical activities you can do. Even for people with injuries, those in pain, and the elderly with strength and balance issues, even then there are many safe options such as machines, resistance bands, and occlusion training.

Of course, nothing you’ll do in life will be risk-free. Personally, I find the risk of death and injury from driving a car shockingly high, and no one gives that a second thought. And weight-lifting is not even a high-risk activity! You’re more likely to hurt yourself gardening.

Even if you do get injured, the most common injury in the gym is dropping a weight on your toe.

One final thought: not doing any exercise is a guaranteed way to have your health decline faster, and it may cause you to accumulate more injuries, aches, and diseases later on. Dr. Brad Schoenfeld wrote, “You can either choose exercise now or choose disease later. Really not much of a choice…” We wholeheartedly agree.

Take it slow, start with beginner progressions of the lifts, get an evidenced-based program or trainer who can walk you through everything, always add weight slowly, stay away from total failure, and watch out from hitting your toe with weights! Contact us for a custom program and a free trial.

I don’t know what to do, or how to get started


Chip and Dan Heath write in Switch that the easiest way to dissolve resistance (or laziness) is with clarity. If you don’t know what to do, it’s really hard to get started, right?

This is why we have our program. If you buy the program, read the eBook and watch the exercise videos, you’ll know everything, have a crystal clear plan, and thus have the confidence to get started. Plus, if there’s one big thing that’s preventing you from getting started… just ask us about it. The program comes with coaching, after all 🙂

Once you’ve started, you’ll start seeing results come in as consistently as the work you put into it. Our program is designed for both the beginner who has never lifted weights and the intermediate lifter who still has some room for improvements  If that sounds like you, definitely contact us here for a free consultation and evaluation.


You should definitely be lifting weights if you’re healthy enough to do so and you’re not pregnant. If you’re pregnant, you should talk to your doctor about whether or not you should be lifting weights, as there are a lot more variables to consider.

There are just so many benefits; you were made to lift!

  • You’ll look more attractive by building feminine curves through muscle
  • It will make it possible to burn fat more quickly, and without losing muscle (if that’s something you’re trying to do)
  • You’ll build up strength in the muscles that’ll help you develop natural and better-looking posture
  • Your bone density will improve, which will help lower the risk of fractures and bone density issues as you get older
  • It could help with pain relief, including back pain
  • Puts you in a better position of health in the chance you need to fight minor and serious illnesses and injuries
  • Your sleep and daily energy levels will improve
  • It’s a fun way to challenge yourself and relieve stress
  • Being strong gives you confidence, independence, and makes regular life easier

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