VitalDynamics Resistance Bands

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This is the cornerstone of the VitalDynamics Fitness program, the VitalDynamics Fitness bands are not just “another set of bands” that you can find on the market anywhere, they are manufactured to be the best alternative to dumbbells, barbells and large machine weights. In some cases they are even better due to the linear variable resistance and the ability to zone in on eccentric phases of each exercise. All of the material s utilized in the construction of our bands are heavy duty, they are meant to withstand the most rigorous routines, they are not toys but serious working life changing pieces of equipment.

With stackable capabilities, each set of VitalDynamics Fitness bands will enable you to have at your disposal up to 30-35kg of weight resistance. This may not sound like a lot when you bench or squat in the triple digit range. However with linear variable resistance and continuous eccentric and concentric muscle engagement the target focus group muscles will experience 50%-75% greater muscle stimuli activation. This means that 10kgs of resistance will have your muscles firing and activating at 15-17.5kgs, and trust me you will feel it!

Not only will you have an entire set of dumbbells and barbells in your gym bag, you will have access to 100’s of exercises in which to use them. We have put together over 200 videos showing the dynamic versatility of the VitalDynamics Fitness bands, and we will continue to add more. This is more than enough to help get you started on the path towards lifelong health and well being.

Each set will include the following:

1 – Yellow band (1-2 kgs resistance)
1 – Green band (2-3 kgs resistance)
1 – Red band (4-5 kgs resistance)
1 – Blue band (6-8 kgs resistance)
1 – Black band (10 – 12 kgs resistance)
2 – Handle grips
2 – Ankle straps
1 – Door Jamb anchor
1 – Nylon carrying bag
1 – Quick reference weight guide

If you already have a set of bands or you are training at a level where 35 kg isn’t quite heavy enough, send us a message, we have a version 2.0 that we know you will love!


Nutrition and Meal Planning



You can not out train a bad diet!  This means if you want to see success in your healthy lifestyle pursuit you need to hone in on what you eat and how much of it you eat.  Fat loss and healthy weight gain and your overall physique composition comes down to simple numbers.

To give you an idea, roughly 3500 calories equals 1 total pound. So if you wanted to gain 1lb a week, you would need to create a calorie surplus equivalent to 500 calories more than your body burns in one day.  So this can be achieved in a few ways.

1.) Acurately calculate your BMR and TDEE to find out how many calories you need and simply increase your intake by 500

2.) Keep a food diary of your current foods and track your bodyweight weekly, increase the food quantities or frequency until you see a change.

3.) Increase your current meal frequency and portion sizes from their current amounts, and monitor the scale until it budges.

Sculpting your body is 70%-80% nutrition and 20%-30% exercise.  So take the guess work out of your meals and let us determine exactly how many grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates you need each day as well as how much sodium, water and total calories needed to achieve that goal.  We will give you a 2 week plan with meals, snacks, grocery list and recipes specifically tailored to your goals. Vegan? Vegetarian? Paleo? Prefer to have a larger meal one day than the next? Want to be budget friendly and use one meals leftovers as a meal for another day? We can do all that and more. Get started today!

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